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Polywall® Panel Installation

Polywall® Joint Treatment Application

Installing plumbing and electrical wiring

Cutting holes for electrical wiring and plumbing can be done by using a circular saw or a grinder.

Installing tiles, bricks or stones

Any tile adhesive can be used to install tiles, bricks or stones after the joint treatment. Weight capacity: 15kgs per sqm

Installing cabinets, shelves or TV mounts

Step 1: Drill 2-3 inches hole into the wall panel.

Step 2: Fill the holes to the top with epoxy and insert the expansion bolt. Let it dry.

Step 3: Use scrap lumber for temporary support to hold hanging cabinets in place while you’re fastening them. Once aligned, screw the cabinets or shelves to the wall panel. Weight capacity: 15kgs per sqm



Does Polywall® support the weight structure?

No, Polywall® is a non-load bearing composite wall and does not support any weight of the structure.

Does it need special tools to install?

No, Polywall® is easy to install and can be installed by a regular mason with proper training. It can cut using a circular saw and drill to make holes for the dowels.


What is the standard dimension of Polywall®?

Polywall® has a standard dimension of 2440mm (8ft) x 610mm (2ft) available in 100mm (4”) and 150mm (6”) thickness.

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