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POLYWALL® EPS Lightweight Concrete Panel

Polywall® is a lightweight, non-load bearing precast wall panel, composed of calcium silicate cement board with a mixture of cement, expanded polystyrene (EPS), and sand, bonded together using technical additives.

It reduces the five steps used in conventional frame construction into one simple system providing structure, insulation, vapor barriers, and firewalls.

2440mm x 610mm (8 ft. x 2 ft.)

75mm, 100mm and 150mm

Fire Rating:
4 hours


Why switch to Polywall®?

Fast and Cost Efficient

POLYWALL® panels are completely fabricated off-site and need only to be installed on site. It cuts down the installation time from 4 to 2 months.

Light weight

3x lighter than concrete hollow blocks. The core material is filled with fire-rated Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

Water and Moisture Resistant

Calcium silicate boards and EPS is virtually inert, does not absorb moisture, and is decay-resistant. It will keep water from seeping through the panels.

Superior Thermal and Sound Insulation

Keeps your surrounding peaceful and cool even during the summer.


With a compressive strength of 400-700 PSI, our panel is ideal especially in high-rise buildings since the load is a major consideration in design and construction cost.

Fire Resistant

Fire proof rating of 4 hours against 1000°C. Perfectly meets the international environment protection criteria.

Energy Saving

POLYWALL® is reusable and recyclable. The wallboards can easily be dismantled and reused which is economical and eco-friendly.

Space Saving

Maximize usable area as no plastering needed. It comes in 75mm, 100mm and 150mm thickness to fit your need.

Technical Specification

DescriptionPOLYWALL® 75mm POLYWALL® 100mm POLYWALL® 150mm
Dimension610mm X 2440mm610mm X 2440mm610mm X 2440mm
Compressive Strength400-700 psi400-700 psi400-700 psi
Surface Density59.5 kg/m292.4 kg/m2120 kg/m2
Anti-Pressure Strength3.6Mpa3.6Mpa4.2Mpa
Moisture rate9.20%3.70%3.70%
Softening coefficient0.8910.81
Anti-bending damage load times over dead weight1.5 times (No damage)3 times (No damage)3 times (No damage)
Anti-impact performanceNo cross crack on panelNo cross crack on panelNo cross crack on panel
Single point hanging strengthNo break and cross crack on panelNo break and cross crack on panelNo break and cross crack on panel
Fire resistance4 hours4 hours4 hours
Heat Transfer0.135 W/(m.k)0.147 W/(m.k)0.147 W/(m.k)
Density650 kg/m3650 kg/m3650 kg/m3
Ceramic Tile Weight Capacity15 kg/m215 kg/m215 kg/m2

Uses and Applications

Polywall® is used for non-load bearing interior & exterior walls. Polywall® is used in different types of buildings such as: 

  • Residential Unit
  • Warehouses and Factories
  • Schools and Universities
  • Mass Housing
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial Establishments
  • Demising Walls
  • Perimeter Fence

Polywall® is an energy-efficient wall partition with an insulation composition. These save cooling costs as well as reduce HAVC sizing by 30 to 40%, providing comfortable surroundings reduced temperature variations, reduced noise, and better indoor air quality.


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